Tnmot Aztro


December 9, 2017

Screenings at 7pm and 8pm 

with a short post-showing talk after each screening


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EQUATORS reflects queer black thought with luxe minimalistic, heavy, stark movement/sculpture and a complex lighting design. The short film installation centers around quality of life, territory, order, climate change, queerness and racial divides that are manifested in homes, neighborhoods and geography due to impacts of zoning, segregation/gentrification. EQUATORS explores how the most marginalized populations on the planet will experience the adversity associated with climate change. 

Tnmot Aztro is exploring weather and environment, transposing that upon a dark feeling of exhaustion and death, not just the loss of people but the way that environment feels during that loss. Audience members who attend this work will be asked to interrogate their expectations of climate, human-made boundaries, police violence, bodies, our environment. The film aims to give dignity to the spaces where young queer people of color are being murdered, the same places that rogue politicians characterize as hell.



Director, Choreographer, Producer, Performer: Arien Wilkerson

Co direction and Film shot by: Wojtek Mu and David Borawski. 

Edited by: Ari Aztro and Kenneth Reveiz 

Cinematography: Wojtek Mu and Brittnay Solem

Photography: Brittnay Solem

Installation designer: David Borawski and Arien Wilkerson

Lighting Designer: Jon-Paul LaRocco, conceptualized by: Arien Wilkerson 

Diagrams Designer: Darcy St. Onge & Arien Wilkerson.

Special thank you to Geoffery Sheenan of the Housatonic Community College Theater Arts program where this film and installation was created, performed and filmed.