A Romantic Ideal

Brad Haubrich + Brickman Publications

feat. video by Scott Cooper

March 30 - April 27


Over the past 5 years, Brad Haubrich’s collaborative publishing practice, Brickman Publications, has produced more than 30 art, literary, and photography zines in Philadelphia, PA. Through his numerous collaborations, Brad has stuck to one romantic ideal: focus on making the best zines possible by pushing the limits of the tools available. “I always tell people that zines don’t cost a lot of money to make and we’ve got all the time in the world, because I don’t like to rush people,” says Brad. His goal is to remove the stressors of daily life so his collaborators can focus on their creative visions and personal progression.

Brad has used his publishing practice to connect people and ideas and allow for new opportunities to flourish through the collaborative process. His new zine with High Tide, “Psychic Source”, is no exception; Brad chose ink colors, paper color, and printing method so that the outcome would look unlike any previous High Tide publication. The cover features a re-worked ad from the Classified section of Philadelphia Magazine’s August 1995 “Best of Philly” issue. Essentially, Psychic Source was a call-in number to get your romantic fortune. Like the romantic and psychic hotlines of the 90s, Brickman creates new connections and facilitates unexpected outcomes. Since 2014, Brad has worked with over 25 artists from all over the United States (and one in Sweden), including Eric Kenney, Gab Bonghi, The Monstera Collective, Kelechi Azu, Mason Warner, Axel Lidhall, and Dawn Riddle. Through this practice, Brad has fostered community and helped to define a fresh aesthetic and ethos for independent publishing in Philadelphia.

“A Romantic Ideal” is a survey of Brad’s work as an artist and designer practicing in the field of independent publishing. In addition to the Opening and Closing, the show will include a zine page making workshop on April 13 and will culminate in a zine fair on April 28.