Capability Brown

Dan Allende, Sam Cusumano, Jon Shapiro, Kasey Toomey & Adrianne Waxman

April 16 - May 22, 2016


Do you know that feeling when you are kind of lost in the woods and you're looking around in uncertainty? It is similar to when you are in the grocery store blankly staring up and down the aisle. Or when you start an internet search for something and after a few clicks, hours have disappeared.  

Tune into the open system of self organizing patterns and relationships. Find yourself temporarily lost in the biorhythms. Go on autopilot. It’s a state of multiple focal points.

Capability Brown explores natural systems through technology, humor and artifice.  By altering one’s perspective everyday systems become elaborate mysteries. The familiarity of these processes are warped with the child-like joy of experimentation.